If you haven’t read the previous posts, please skip, as this will make. It easier for you to follow and understand this post. In this post, we will add these features to our quiz app. Give the user the opportunity to review his answers after completing the test. Mark user answers as correct or incorrect. Quiz results page What else does it take for the preview feature to work? The user can complete the quiz at any time after completing. The South Korea Phone Number List quiz, he will have the opportunity to view his answers. If the user does not answer the question and misses it by clicking another button, the question will appear as unanswered on the exam preview page. To give the user a summary of the quiz, all we have to do is save the user’s answers.


When He or She South Korea Phone Number List Completes the

Quiz compare it to the actual answer to South Korea Phone Number the question. If the user’s answer matches the correct answer. To the question, then the correct symbol “next cross” (x) is displayed. We will add a new control called ReviewController that will extract all the data and send it to the JSP page for display. Note: We get questions from an XML file when a user clicks the next or previous button. Suppose a user starts a quiz and tries only one question, then clicks the Finish button. Now on the South Korea Phone Number List quiz preview page we have to show all the questions with his options and the user answer whether it was correct or not.


So When a South Korea Phone Number List User Clicks the Review

South Korea Phone Number List

Quiz to see their answers and the correct answer to South Korea Phone Number List this question, we need to retrieve all the questions from the XML file and its correct answer. Eclipse IDE project structure Question certificate not answered The user is not required to try all the questions. He can just skip clicking another button. So how do you know if a question has been answered or not? I made one change in the exam constructor so that when creating a new exam, we also set the user’s answer to -1 for each question initially. So when a user starts a quiz, we will have a user selection for each question, even if the user simply clicks the “Finish” button on any question between quizzes.

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