Australian, Eastern, Ethiopian and Antarctic regions, carnivorous and herbivorous species, and alien species that had been introduced more than 33 years ago. According to the authors, there could be some cultural acceptance of alien species that have long been invading ecosystems. However, these species could have developed more aggressive strategies precisely because they have been in the invaded ecosystem for longer. “The effects of exotic species can direct decision-making for management in the conservation of the natural environment. Detecting biases prevents us from making mistakes in this decision-making due to lack of information. To understand if there is a common pattern in the positive, negative or neutral

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effects of alien species on invertebrates  Japan Phone Number List without having to consider these biases, what we did was analyze well-known regions of the globe without apparent biases. ” “This, for example, was what we did in temperate terrestrial ecosystems, and we did not detect clear patterns to explain these effects. This result gives weight to the idea that the effects of exotic species are not unidirectional, but rather are contingent and dependent on the circumstances of each case study ”, detail the researchers. A guide for future research As a possible guide to these advances, the researchers suggest that future studies include, but are not limited to: ancient invasions contrasted with recent invasions of the same species; effects of alien species in arid and tropical

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climates, estuaries and marine regions; and effects of alien species from the Antarctic, Neotropical, Australian, Eastern, and Ethiopian regions. To continue advancing in the field, new research will also need to include protected or little-disturbed areas, which may be more sensitive areas once the invasion occurs. In the same way, the estimate of the invasion time must be at a local level, using for example historical series of data from the study area. The authors also mention that the study of carnivores and herbivores could shed light on the direct and indirect effects of alien species. Furthermore, the fauna lists of invertebrates affected by the presence of exotic species would allow us to address whether the origin (exotic or native) and the trophic groups

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