Paris. Eleven men and women from all over France were convicte on Wednesday of harassing a teenager on the internet, who became the subject of a heate debate over freedom of speech and blasphemy after her anti-fascist bustle became viral. Thirteen defendants between the ages of 18 and 29 were trie in Paris last month on charges of online harassment and, in some cases, death threats. The court found 10 guilty of harassment and one threat of death and sentence them to four to six months’ probation. The 12th accuse was found not guilty and the last case of the accuse was dismisse due to a procedural error.

Adolescent year-old Mila Has Experienced

Adolescent 18-year-old Mila has experience insults, threats of death and threats of rape UK Phone Number– more than 100,000 hate reports, according to her lawyer, since 2020. In January, when she responde angrily to social media commentators who insulte her and calle her an insult to Islam because of her sexual orientation. I hate religion,” 16-year-old Mila filme the video. “The Qur’an is a religion of hatre. She also use obscenity to describe Islam and green images when talking about God. A subsequent flood of reports supporte Milos ’life. She was expelle from school for fear of her own safety and still lives under police protection. The New York Times is hiding her name because she has been harassed

Vitraolis V. Mila Sparked a Heated Debate Over

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Vitraolis v. Mila sparke a heate debate over freedom of speech and religion, especially after. The terrorist attacks in Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper that feature cartoons by. The Prophet Muhammad, and the cutting of a teacher. Who showe similar cartoons during a lesson last year. discussion on freedom of expression. The case was the main one in 2018. A test of adopte French law that extends what can be considere online harassment. All the defendants were on trial for messages they poste or poste on social media last. November when Mila briefly repeate some of her rude comments in another video, sparking a new wave of harassment.

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