The world with more than 1.55 billion users. One of its most notorious additions has been ‘ Periscope ‘ . Which allows streaming videos to be broadcast and is a great ally for companies that incorporate Inbound Marketing into their digital marketing strategies : a perfect method for capturing the attention of customers and attracting them to the enterprise. As we said . Video marketing is so important right now because a Switzerland phone number generates 62% more engagement than a photo. In addition . The videos that are shared increase their views by 43% . Making it a challenge for communication teams to ensure that content becomes viral.

These very positive data are due to mobile viewing that has allowed it to position itself in 2016 as one of the most popular social networks. People between the ages of 31 and 39 are the ones who use this social network the most with 69% . Followed by people between the ages of 40 and 45 around 68%. As for the weekly time spent on this social network . It is estimated that it would be around 4 hours and 31 minutes. 89% of users Switzerland phone number to connect with a computer compared to 69% who prefer to do it with a mobile device. This could be due to the fact that this social network is used by more of the adult population . Not as dependent on mobile phones as the young population.

Social Switzerland Phone Number Networks

These new options that Facebook has added to its format could be key in helping us expand and improve the image of the product or brand that we want to offer. 2) whatsapp whatsapp is positioned as the second application in which the Spanish say they have more knowledge. It acts as a multiplatform application that allows you to send and receive messages instantly and without the need to pay . As would be done Switzerland phone number the obsolete SMS. Currently it has become one of the most demanded applications also for companies as a productivity tool to communicate with the work team . Since it allows the creation of groups where members can exchange information .

Switzerland phone number

Photos or videos. It is also a way to always stay connected with customers to serve them at any time. However . This application does not have many more functionalities in the business field. The average hours we spend on this social network would be 5 hours and 14 minutes per week. As for the total population that uses this application . In Spain it would be around 20 million people compared to the 300 million that use the application Switzerland phone number and the population that uses this application the most is positioned at a young age . Between 18 and 24 years old . Representing almost 100% of the population that use this application the most.

The Switzerland Phone Number Social Network

Although the age scale also includes older people who also make great use of this whatsapp . Such as people between the ages of 55 and 64 . Who represent 67%. 3) Twitter The main feature of this social network is the limitation to write your messages . Since it allows a maximum of 140 characters . Which is known as ‘ tweet ‘ . A rule that sometimes makes it difficult for the community manager to write messages. Lately you Switzerland phone number have been able to notice different changes on this platform: such as the introduction of new types of ad formats . New market tools such as ‘ Twitter Insiders ‘ or tweaks to its 140 characters with the aim of recovering followers and increasing their income through the investment of companies . Something that .

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