Since by being able to measure it in more detail . Budgets can be optimized and better distributed . Being able to adjust them to the objectives of each company and in a more segmented way. The two most widely used media are search engine advertising and social media advertising . The reason is simple: consumers use search engines and social networks . Especially Facebook . During their purchase process to find information Spain phone number a certain product or brand . Get promotions or simply as a means of communication. Guiding them through this process with advertising carefully targeted to their needs will help them ultimately make a purchase.

If you want to know more about how your marketing department can use Facebook to increase sales . You can download this free ebook here. Lately you may have heard about programmatic advertising . A type of online advertising that is emerging and is having the most boom . But surely Spain phone number does not clarify too much . So below we will explain what this type of advertising consists of since if it is What you want is to increase visits to your website and generate leads with the aim of increasing sales . You have to continue reading. For your brand to reach your target audience at the optimal time . You must know that programmatic advertising is what you need.

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This advertising segments the public based on algorithms that in turn are based on the well-known Big Data . For example: if you own a company that sells sportswear . What you are looking for is people . Mainly of a certain age. Median with healthy lifestyles. With this new advertising method . Only the Spain phone number described in the example above will see advertising for your product or brand in the form of a banner on any web page they search through internet search engines . Since they are the profile of your potential customers or buyer’s personas. In order for your ads to appear to your target audience . The purchase is made through a bidding system through specialized internet platforms .

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That is . Real-time auctions ( Real Time Bidding ). The money that is paid is not for the appearance of advertising at a certain time and space . But for the impressions that your audience receives. Once the bid is made . It is important that the message that you are going to transmit is interesting for your audience . That is . You have to prepare a good briefing . Because if this message is not attractive . The effort Spain phone number through this medium will not be of any use. Advertising and you will have wasted your budget. Finally . In this sense . The most important thing is that you measure the results obtained . Since with these results you will be able to adjust your marketing campaigns to the interests of your potential clients.

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The agents involved in the purchase-sale of programmatic advertising are the following: Advertiser : Entrepreneur who wants to advertise his company . Usually has a budget limit for the bid. Sometimes . The advertiser has intermediaries to carry out the operation . The so-called Spain phone number agencies. In turn . It is also possible that they have a technical team in charge of making the bid as optimal as possible for the advertiser. Ad exchange : place where the interests of the applicants and bidders intersect . It would be like a kind of market but online. There are two aspects of the ad exchange.

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