With the possibility that only your name and surnames or only the activity sector to which you belong will be displayed. 8. Not setting your public profile That your profile is public means that if they search for you through a search engine such as Google . They will be able to see your full profile even if South korea phone number search is made directly from the social network. There are users who do not want this to happen to them since it is easy to provide too much information about them . So they select the possibility that certain aspects are not public. How to carry out this? You have to click on the Settings and Privacy section / Visibility of your profile and your network / Edit your public profile .

Where you can select which aspects you want to be public. 9. Not checking activity notifications So that your contacts do not receive a notification every time you modify something on your profile . You have to change this option since it is annoying for them . To do this you must click on the upper right corner and once there click on Settings and privacy and select the section Visibility of your profile and your network . And South korea phone number the options of the section “Visibility of your activity on linkedin”. But something important for you in this social network is that important professionals see your achievements and you will think that by deactivating it they will no longer have the possibility of knowing it. Well no .

Social South Korea Phone Number Media

Because you can make your important professional actions . Such as the publication of a new book of yours . Be seen by your contacts . You simply have to click on Start and where ‘Create publication’ appears . Write what you want to publish and do not forget to select which users can see it. 10. Do not South korea phone number activity on Twitter From linkedin it is possible to see Twitter activity if you have linked your account . And thus share opinions on both social networks at the same time. But as you already know . The purpose of these two social networks is not the same . Therefore . So that the comments you post on Twitter are not shared . You have to change the Twitter settings.

South korea phone number

Sharing on Twitter will also allow you to increase the reach of your professional profile on linkedin. You can do it in the following way: After linking your Twitter account in Settings and privacy . There you click on “Partners and services” in the “Account preferences” section on the left section . Then you access to change Twitter and on the page ” Manage your Twitter settings.” In this option you will be able to South korea phone number whether or not you want the Twitter account to be displayed on your linkedin profile or which tweets you want to be shared at the same time.

How to South Korea Phone Number Customers

Now that you know what mistakes you should avoid in order to remain a role model on social media . You can read our post with some tips to get the most out of your linkedin profile. We hope that these tips will be useful for you to improve your image and management in the business social network. You can always ask for the help of an inbound marketing agency like Servilia. As you already know today . It is a reality South korea phone number marketing teams do not bet too much on offline advertising due to both its high price and the fact that it does not usually reach the specific target audience. For these reasons . Companies carry out digital advertising as a channel to boost sales .

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