The little girl is also called Mayada, according to her grandmother, the late wife of Mr. Razzo. Mayada Taka and the daughter of a 21-year-old couple, Tuqa, were killed in a raid on their home in the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2015 after a U.S.-led coalition fought against militant group ISIS. Mr. Razzo, who slept just a few feet from his wife, survived even though he was seriously injured. His brother and nephew died a second time when the house next to them was attacked. Razzo’s other child, his son Yahya, now the father of a young Mayada, fled to Erbil at the beginning of the occupation.

Tell Him He Has Obeyed the

The case of Mr Razzo was recorded in 2017. A New York Times Magazine found that Bahrain Phone Number the deaths of hundreds of civilians during coalition airstrikes were never recognized by the United States, which oversees ISIS missions in Qatar. Washington has never publicly apologized that Mr. Razzo mistakenly identified the house as an ISIS car bomb factory. Last year, however, a coalition member of the Dutch government admitted that one of its pilots had gone on strike and  Mr Razzo compensation estimated at around € 1 million.

Were Families Here

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Bahrain Phone Number List

It would be understandable if Mr Razzo were in pain as a result of an attack. That killed his wife and daughter and left him seriously injured. Instead, however, he proclaims empathy and forgiveness while working with the group to connect Iraqi University students in Erbil, Mosul, and Najaf with students in the United States through online dialogues. Although he is not ready to meet the Dutch pilot, who himself is being persecuted for his role in the tragedy, Mr Razzo sent him a message. I said,‘ Listen, tell him he has obeyed the commandments. He is a soldier. That was his job. If he knew there were families here, I’m sure he wouldn’t have bombed, but he didn’t know. So tell him I’m sorry.

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