The ring of fire was visible in a narrow strip in the northernmost latitudes, beginning at the Upper Lake in Ontario, Canada, at sunrise, or at 5:55 a.m. He then crossed Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, and the North Pole, ending in Siberia at sunset or 7:29 a.m. Eastern time. Behind that band, observers could see the crescent sun or a partial solar eclipse. The closer they were to the midline, the . About 5:32 p.m. In the metropolitan area of ​​New York, the sun was 73% obscured, p. Kentrianakis, who in 2017. During the Great Eclipse, he was the project manager for the American Astronomical Society’s Eclipse.

The Eclipse Road

Exposure to intense sunlight during eclipse canand prevent it from healing. Such Bulgaria Phone Number damage can result in complete loss of vision, depending on how much exposure you experience. Wear when watching eclipse. Non-sunglasses – eclipse glasses similar to the ones you might have pushed into the drawer after 2017. The Great American Eclipse. If you want to be more prepared for the next time there is a solar eclipse, here from the American Astronomical Society. And if you can’t get any glasses or other filtering viewers, you can do other things like make a hole in the projector at home with cardboard or paperboard. Here are some instructions.

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The path of annularity in Canada has traveled many places that would have been difficult to visit in normal times. Restrictions on Covid-19 have made this even more difficult, and large groups are not recommended to travel and gather in Ontario and Quebec. We just encourage people to look at it safely as individuals and their own social bubbles,” and to stay at home or in a safe place, “said Mike Reid, public relations coordinator at Dunlapo Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Toronto.

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