The dashboard below is a good example of this problem: CTR and average position are great KPIs to use for your SEO results in the shorter term, say on a weekly or monthly basis. It is therefore fine for an (online) marketer to work with. But you South Africa WhatsApp Number List should not share such a dashboard with your marketing manager and or commercial director. They have completely different tasks and responsibilities than an (online) marketer. My advice is to use strategic KPIs within the dashboard that you share with your director.

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In this article I will show you how you can start using such a dashboard for the director: How do you determine strategic KPIs? How do you use these strategic KPIs in your dashboard? How do you get insights from your strategic dashboard? I am showing examples from Google Data Studio here, because I use this dashboard tool. But you can create a strategic dashboard in any decent dashboard tool. Ready to start determining the strategic KPIs for your dashboard? Determine KPIs for your director/manager First of all, we start by determining the KPIs for your director.

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There are 2 important things to consider before starting this: The KPIs should have a real impact on the business results and not be operational matters. Think of the gross profit or customer value. The period within the dashboard should focus on the longer term. So no weekly results, but monthly/quarterly. What are practical KPIs to use? My advice is to first look at your current KPIs. Which operational and strategic KPIs do you use on a weekly and/or monthly basis? The representation below is an example of this exercise for one of my customers: We already use the KPIs in green.

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