of 28 nominees who competed in the different categories.the adult population. The study used larval collectors installed in 38 locations in the western Mediterranean, North Africa and the Adriatic Sea. The research confirms that massive mortality also alters the nacra recruitment process, which implies a loss of the adult population and an obstacle to the recovery of the species. “Recruitment is the main route of recovery for the species as long as there are recruits resistant to the disease and unaffected populations that can function as exporters of larvae,” says Kersting. However, exceptionally, recruitment episodes have also been recorded in areas where nacra populations had disappeared due to massive mortality. Using current models and the location of

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unaffected populations, experts have determined the areas Latvia WhatsApp Number List of origin of these larvae – for example, the Ebro delta or the coast of Algeria and southern France – which would constitute a A true lifesaver for this species in extreme situation. “Populations in areas not affected by the parasite are exporting larvae that can travel hundreds of kilometers thanks to ocean currents. Therefore, these populations can play a decisive role in the recovery of the species in the Mediterranean, ”says Kersting. “In addition, everything indicates that parasitosis does not seem to drastically affect larvae or juvenile specimens during the first months of life.” The recovery of the affected populations, if it occurs, could be a very limited process and many years in

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duration, experts warn. However, it would be necessary to maximize the protection of marine areas that can act today as larvae donors. “In general, these are highly anthropized areas and are subject to many threats. For this reason, its conservation and protection should be a priority at present to avoid any type of impact or ecological stress on the nacra populations, which constitute the only hope for the recovery of the species, ”says Kersting. Science to protect an emblematic species of the Mediterranean In a short time, the nacra has gone from being considered a vulnerable species to joining the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ( Kersting et al., 2019 ). Apart from the study

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