What if you could master sales strategies that make you think about your prospect so you could close more deals? What if you could utter powerful “magic words” to make a prospect understand that your product or service is the solution they are looking for?Contents
Relationship building and trust How to stay in control during your sales pitchiest strategies to increase sales Three powerful words to use Why do these powerful words help you close the deal
From the moment you start talking with your prospect, you have several ways to increase your chances of making a sale…

Here are some tips for building relationships:

or even multiply your chances of making more sales with the same customer. It starts with the words you choose to build rapport, about how you move from handling objections to closing the deal. These strategies are important if you want to be your own boss – an online DJ Email List entrepreneur or digital nomad closing clients for your own business. Or if you’re a big seller, closing deals over $3,000 for a business and making commissions…choosing the right strategy can make or break a sale. Starting with your first contact with the prospect, here are some powerful selling strategies you can implement when closing a deal with a client or business.

Relationship building and trust An important sales strategy


To have in your sales arsenal is to build rapport and trust with your prospect. You build this relationship by looking for common values, beliefs or interests. If your prospect is from California and you’ve lived there before, you already have a connection topic. Another way to build rapport is to actively listen and take an interest in what your prospect has to say.How important is relationship building? Sales training teaches that “rapport includes at least some degree of implicit trust, building rapport in sales makes communication more natural, more effective and more positive”. When people feel happier and more comfortable, they are more likely to buy. Click to tweet

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