Choose where to invest the advertising budget that we have designated according to its own criteria is not new, we had already seen it in Adwords express, for example. The difference is that these efforts, which initially left much to be desired, now seem to be reaching a fairly acceptable degree of maturity thanks to increasingly sophisticated machine learning algorithms . Could it be that for live marketing in 2020, Google can present us with an AI capable of making the bulk of advertising bidding decisions in a completely assertive way and optimizing performance to the maximum? It is very probable.

Privacy continues and will continue to be a priority Those familiar with the world of automated marketing are well aware of the dilemma of effectiveness vs. privacy. And it is that the line between obtaining data to provide a better user experience and violating the privacy of a user is very thin. For this reason, as in last year’s live marketing, Google again emphasized that all its tools follow the ethical principles of confidentiality and protection of personal data. This is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the world’s largest web search engine, finding that balance between the data it can offer its customers and the privacy it must guarantee its users.

Smart Bidding O Pujas Automáticas

Discovery Ads They are a new ad Egypt WhatsApp Number List that focuses. On users in the discovery stage, and that aims to reach potential customers. Who are in the first stages of the sales funnel before any other brand or product. Somehow, the fact that Discovery Ads are targeted to audiences and not particular keyword. Searches makes their setup a bit reminiscent of more traditional marketing. But with much more efficient targeting. These are multi-channel campaigns of native ads. (YouTube, Google discover, social networks, etc.).

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That will also work in an automated way. Are very simple to create and that estimate a decrease of up to 25%. In customer acquisition costs. Optimization of local search tools. Local marketing strategies have been a priority for Google for many years. Since it is one of its flagship products for small and medium-sized businesses. Which represent a very important part of all its customers. However, this year the internet giant seems especially focused. On improving its results in this regard.

Google Also Launched The Bumper Machine

To do this, it is betting on improving the visibility. Of local businesses in the SERP and on Google maps, as well as integrating new tools. That allow users to more easily find, contact, compare and buy nearby businesses. Bumper machine or smart summary of video ads. To increase the chances of conversion of video ad campaigns on YouTube. Google also launched the Bumper machine, a tool that uses artificial intelligence. To summarize 30-second ads (which fewer and fewer users take the time to watch) into capsules. Of six seconds, which condense the most relevant information. And are much more likely to convey the message to the user.

Probably in a very short time there will be enough data to really determine how efficient this strategy will be for companies, but for now the expectations are quite high. In conclusion… The universe of digital marketing and automation is constantly evolving. At Xarvis we do not miss any news to always provide you with the best service and make your business grow in a sustained and exponential way. Get in touch with us and discover everything you can win with the right partner.


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