of it, we must ensure that they continue to be so “, warns this professor from the Faculty of Sciences, who, as more curious cases in Malaga, highlights the presence of wild boars in the Baños del Carmen, flamingos in the Misericordia beach, ducks in the streets of Teatinos or mountain goats in some urbanizations. Improved air quality A report recently carried out by the Ecologistas en Acción association, based on 129 measurement stations in 26 cities, reports that pollution in Spain has fallen by 58 percent during the quarantine, experiencing an unprecedented improvement in environmental quality. Specifically, Malaga, according to the Data and Reports collected on Air Quality in Andalusia, shows a significant reduction in the values ​​of nitrogen

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dioxide (NO 2 ) – one of the pollutants emitted by vehicles together with carbon monoxide (CO) and particles- during the months of February, March and April of this 2020, reaching Ghana Phone Number List a decrease of up to 60 percent with respect to the same dates last year, as confirmed by the Chemical Engineering professor at the University of Malaga Luis J. Alemany. Water quality improvement Likewise, the reduction in human pressure has also improved the quality of the waters, both coastal and in river basins, providing marine species with an unscheduled period of truce. “The discharges derived from industrial, extractive, agricultural, livestock and urban activities have been reduced and, consequently, the quality of the water that reaches the coasts is better”,

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explains the professor of Ecology Enrique Moreno, coordinator of CEIMAR at the UMA , which adds that also in the coastal zone, the paralysis or reduction of activities such as tourism, maritime traffic or fishing, among others, has resulted in an improvement of the water in many coastal ecosystems. “The increase in the number of prey on the coast, as well as the reduction of noise and accidents caused by maritime traffic, has allowed emblematic animals such as cetaceans, turtles and sharks to get closer to our beaches and ports. Seabirds also find an environment that is more conducive to their life, with quality waters, abundant fishing and coastal areas free from human presence ”, Moreno clarifies. This week, with the start of the de-

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