The numbers alone are not enough for the evaluation and choice of bloggers to involve in a project; as we have seen in fact there are very simple methods to increase the number. The most interesting bloggers have an original and authentic “voice” and a method of content creation that does not appear clone from press releases and does not even appear as cold lists of technical characteristics. These bloggers have an obsessive care for content, publishe only if perfect and with a strong aesthetic and emotional component. The reputation of an Influencer is important and not to be underestimate, nobody wants to entrust the communication of their brand to non-authoritative and non-credible people.

How Do You Choose an Influencer

If we open any magazine, or spend half an hour in front of the TV, or even raise our heads to Sri-Lanka Phone Number look at a billboard. We notice that a famous testimonial is use in most advertising campaigns . This phenomenon is calle  or the use of a famous person , of which. The company exploits both fame and physical and moral characteristics, for advertising purposes. Using famous people in advertising campaigns, compare to using other endorsers (the entrepreneur, the manager, the typical consumer) is more effective in achieving the communication objectives pursue by the company.

The Choice of the Character

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Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

So the choice made by marketing managers must be well thought out, since. It proves to  a double-edged sword: if on the one hand you get visibility and notoriety. On the other you get a negative perception on the part of the consumer, with a consequent decrease in sales. Managers must make an overall analysis of the characteristics of. The famous endorser, especially with reference to his ability to positively modify. The target audience’s propensity to consume, and to the dissemination of information. Relating to the advertised product, from consumer to consumer.

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