In this way we will avoid not being able to control the information that arrives. Processing step : The information that reaches us must be selected to work with it. Depending on its degree of importance . We can carry it out immediately. There may be the case of an action that needs to be delegated New zealand phone number that is carried out by another person . Although we need to follow up on it. If the task must be developed by us . We have to assign a deadline to carry out this task and not invest more time than necessary. Organization step: This step must be applied once we have recognized the elements with which we must work .

We must classify the elements into 4 possible groups: Projects : These are tasks with which we commit ourselves in advance to complete them satisfactorily. It is a commitment we made. Calendar: These are tasks that have an exact date for completion. Next actions : These are tasks that we New zealand phone number carry out but do not have an exact delivery or completion date. Actions on hold: These are actions that must be carried out by third parties since we have delegated them. They involve monitoring to see how your process is performing.

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Review step: It is necessary that every day before starting or finishing our tasks we spend a few minutes viewing it. This will allow us to organize the tasks to perform first those that must be done first. We can also track those that are already in progress. Prioritization : This process is the last of the steps . We will carry it out when we have already decided what the tasks that we are going to carry out during our day are. We New zealand phone number prioritize our tasks . Also including the time factor. If we are able to combine these two factors we will be able to plan our journey. 3| The Jerry Seinfeld Technique To carry out this technique you need a calendar and a marker.

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On the calendar you will mark a start day for a new goal that you have set for yourself. In the following days . If you have been able to carry out the tasks that you had proposed . You should cross them out with an x as well. You must be constant and avoid breaking this chain with activities that you normally do not New zealand phone number every day . To get used to a multitasking day and thus avoid failing in order to reach the goal that you set for yourself the first day. The purpose of creating this calendar is to generate a routine that you will repeat day after day. If one day you cannot follow the proposed routine . Instead of marking the box with a cross . Color it in its entirety .

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It will stand out from the other days and will remind you that you have to return to the routine and not abandon it. This technique will make you achieve a daily habit. Its duration must be carried out for a whole year. Finally . Measure and evaluate the progress you have made . And decide if this New zealand phone number has helped you to acquire a daily routine in terms of habits. 4| Jay Shirley’s Method What Jay Shirley proposes is a plan of daily habits called ‘daily practice’ . Developed in a template that will consist of filling in a paragraph containing 3 sentences.

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