researcher of the Evolutionary Genomics research group led by Mar Albà, and the monitoring part of the animals, sample extraction and The experiments were carried out by Sheena Faherty , a researcher at Duke University in Anne Yoder’s group . According to Villanueva-Cañas , currently a researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (UPF-CSIC) ” Apart from the biological interest, the study of hibernation is also very interesting from a medical point of view, since we are talking about animals that drastically decrease their metabolism (temperature, respiration, fasting, brain activity, etc.) at levels that would be lethal for species without this adaptation . ” Villanueva adds that”Since we found many mammals capable of hibernating without a clear pattern, we believe that the common ancestor of all

mammals perhaps had the ability to hibernate. Burundi Email List This would mean that many of the genes involved are also present in humans and it would be a question of finding out which ones they are and how we can manipulate them for our interests . ” Researchers have found 90 genes , including genes involved in lipid metabolism, appetite regulation, or biological rhythms . The researchers say that studying these species with unique characteristics is important since they could disappear in the very recent future if the destruction of their habitat continues. They are great little secrets of nature that die with the species and we can never recover. The fact that we can study primates, which are much closer to us than other hibernating species, increases the chances that in the long term the discoveries could be translated to humans.

Burundi Email List
Although these are the first steps, the researchers believe that in the distant future, the discoveries made in the field of hibernation could have applications in surgery. For example, body temperature could be lowered without causing tissue damage, allowing more time for doctors in emergency situations. Its use by astronauts in short space trips, such as within the solar system, has even been considered to save resources, reduce the problems of coexistence in small spaces for months and especially due to space issues within the ships, which it is very limited.According to a study in which researchers from the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN) and the Institute for Research in Hunting Resources (IREC), both centers of the CSIC, have participated, the red partridge, Alectoris rufa ,

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