The year is ending and the Martechs promise to give us many new surprises next year. Before we jump right into 2019 trends, let’s recap and see what 2018 left us with. Our most assiduous readers may remember that at the beginning of the year we made a two-part list of the trends that would have a greater role in digital marketing during this 2018, and among them there were several that announced great advances in the field of marketing automation. Not fulfilled (at least for now).

Human intervention is still essential to solve complex tasks, but the implementation of chatbots takes care of the bulk of the interactions, which reduces the number of necessary personnel to the bare minimum. It is time to do a retrospective analysis to see to what degree these predictions were fulfilled, not only for the pleasure of recounting the milestones of the year, but also to know what we can expect in 2019. 1.- Chatbots Chatbots had their big industry debut back in 2017, when advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing enabled their large-scale use by large companies.

Chatbots Are Going To Replace Apps

By the time 2018 kicked off, they Finland WhatsApp Number List proving. To be extremely useful tools in the fields of sales and customer service. Thus cementing their role in contemporary marketing. “The popularity of chatbots is temporary” Several analysts argued. That chatbots were nothing more than a technological toy. And their popularity would soon fade. This was also not fulfilled. According to a TechCrunch report , in March there were 11,000 chatbots for commercial use. A figure that grew 170% in just three months, since by June. There were already 30,000 of these, and the number continues to grow.

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Clearly it is not a toy, but a tool whose use will soon be the rule. This prophecy did come true. The popularity of chatbots is largely due. To the fact that users prefer to interact with them through their messaging apps. Such as messenger and telegram) than to install a specific app for each company. Or business they need to contact, especially if it is about get answers to simple questions. The same TechCrunch report tells us something very interesting. While the number of chatbots has almost tripled, the number of apps has barely doubled.

Were The Predictions For The Martech Fulfilled?

This uneven growth indicates that we are facing. The decline of the “There’s an app for that” philosophy, which will be replaced. By “There’s a bot for that” 2.- Integration with messaging. APIs Email marketing exploits the fact that email is the digital communication tool of choice. For generation X, but as the generational change became more pronounced. It seemed that we would soon see its decline, since for millennials email. Tt is much less attractive than instant messaging apps.

For this reason, everything indicate. That email marketing would begin to be replace by direct integration with instant messaging APIs, however this prediction did not come true. Apparently, email marketing, which is already well establish, still has many years of life ahead of it, and although there are automate marketing services through WhatsApp, they still require a lot of evolution to become as effective as email marketing. 3.- Artificial intelligences As with chatbots, in 2016 and 2017 we saw a lot of news about the development of artificial intelligence.


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