The measures he uses – deregulation, government spending cuts, industrial privatization – have helpe end years of hyperinflation and recession. The constitution, which it began in 1993, restricte the state’s ability to engage in business activities and dismantle monopolies, strengthene central bank autonomy, and protecte foreign investment. Subsequent centrist and right-wing governments have signe more than a dozen free trade agreements, and Peruvian business-friendly policies have been declare a success, attributing record-breaking poverty reduction in Peru during the commodity boom of this century.

Little Has Been Done to Address

However, little  done to address Peru’s dependence on commodity exports and. Long-term Estonia Phone Number social inequalities, or to provide health care, education and public services to its people. The pandemic has expose the weakness of the Peruvian bureaucracy and the lack of funding for the public health system. There were only a small percentage of intensive care unit beds in. The country held by its peers, and the government was slow and inconsistent in providing even a small amount of cash to the needy.  So many turned to high-interest loans from private banks.

The Pandemic Has Shown

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Estonia Phone Number List

The pandemic has shown that the main problem has been prioritize,” said David Rivera, a Peruvian economist and political scientist. “It is believe that we have save money for so long that we could use it during. The crisis, and we saw during the pandemic that macroeconomic stability. Remaine a priority, not that people did not die and starve. Ms Fujimori blame the country’s problems not on its economic model but on. How former presidents and other leaders took advantage of it. Even so, she said, some adjustments are neede, such. As an increase in the minimum wage and pensions for the poor.

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