checks the data from the measurement of the CO2 flow in the pasture. The precision obtained is similar to that of more homogeneous crops, even the procedure differentiates at the plot scale the success of the pasture improvement treatments. For the researchers, the existence of the images from the Sentinel 2 satellites, from the European Space Agency (ESA), which, since 2015, offer agricultural and forestry data, was key when addressing the study. “We were motivated by the possibilities of the new ESA satellites, with a 5-day return visit to the same place during their orbit,” adds the engineer from Montes. Preserve the pasture The study was born from the European project ‘Life bioDehesa’, which Andalusia leads with the aim of improving the

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conservation and biodiversity of this ecosystem. Algeria Phone Number List Grass growth forecasts are defined by experts by measuring the CO2 gas (carbon dioxide) that vegetables breathe. In other words, they analyze the carbon that enters and subtract the carbon that leaves the plants by means of control devices, which also measure the wind speed and the presence of water. In this way, they obtain the amount that is retained in the vegetable to make it grow. Experts have applied this method to the pasture for the first time. The measurements to know the pasture productivity of this type of cleared forest were taken during the five years of work. “The results showed a wide variability both spatial and temporal, ranging from less than 1,000 kilos per hectare to more than

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4,000 depending on the type of soil or the weather,” says Pedro Gómez. Pedro Gómez Giráldez in a pasture in Los Pedroches (Córdoba). The model is also useful to calculate the public aid that the rancher receives to the pasture. These plants, herbaceous of the grasses and legumes type, are intended to feed cattle in the field or, once collected, in stables. New project The research has not taken grass samples every day, so they are currently studying how to refine the model to obtain reliable results on a daily scale, within the ‘SensDehesa’ project.accumulate up to 60% of their weight in oils that are can transform into biofuels. However, the costs are still too high to compete with traditional fossil fuels. In the article ‘Using agro-industrial wastes for

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