The acronym in English of this model emphasizes the establishment of objectives that are specific . Measurable . Achievable . Realistic and timely. 2. Discover your market and target audience. When you start creating your goals . Think about who your ideal client is and how to take advantage Japan phone number this information. Consider what networks your target market uses and where your customers usually go to find information. You can also create fictional characters to help you really focus on those people you hope to reach. 3. Analyze the pain points of your audience. Think about what kind of problems your customers usually face or which they might face in the future.

Anticipating the problems of your potential customers is a good way to establish a brand value. 4. Create a voice for your brand . Your brand voice is your most valuable marketing tool . And it establishes how your business is perceived by the public. Brand voice is the tone that social content portrays . And Japan phone number everything from the visual design of the brand to the way you communicate on social media. Here we give you some tips to create your brand on the internet . 5. Specify the type of content you want to publish. Think about each subsequent concept and make sure it fits into your overall strategy.

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Also . Keep in mind that not all types of content are compatible with the general objectives of the company. 6. Define some functions and those in charge. As for the development of the company in general . It is also important for social networks to understand who is going to manage . Supervise and Japan phone number in each account. Once the functions have been distributed . You can help yourself with tools such as Hootsuite to organize yourself and keep track of your publications. 7. Help yourself with ads to promote yourself. According to “marketer .

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A world leader in research in the digital world . Between 20 and 25 percent of people who see an ad on Facebook or Twitter . Will end up visiting the advertiser’s store or website.” Recently . Both social networks have launched new advertising formats on the market: Canvas and First View . You Japan phone number also be interested in this post to boost your content: Importance of advertising on social networks. 8. Set posting frequency. The best way to find the frequency that best suits your business is through trial and error. However .

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Here are some general guidelines depending on the social network in question: – Facebook: 1-3 times a day – Instagram: Once a day – Twitter: 8-24 times a day – Google+: Once a day day – Pinterest: 4-10 times per day 9. Measure the success of your networks. While it is quite easy to measure the number of new followers . There are other ways you should consider to measure the success of your posts . Such as: click-through Japan phone number bounce rate . Share of referral traffic . Virality . Or the number of leads and ROI. As you already know . In previous posts we have talked about the advantages of a CRM system . The scope of using this system in the company and the reasons why you should use it . After reading them .

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