In summary an illustration is rather well defined and tells a story whereas a logo defines a brand. The logo created for a company should reflect the history, ideas and objectives of a company while an illustration will rather be the complex and detailed representation of this same company or brand. The functions of one and the other are very different and their use is not the same initially. The logo is made to last over time while an illustration will rather be used on an ad hoc basis to promote an event, a product, a service etc. What is the vector format? Why choose it when creating your logo 2 years ago 5140 Facebook Twitter WhatsApp E-mail More options. The term is not unknown to you but yet you do not necessarily know what it means.

Vector format is an image composed

Mathematics to generate a vector between two anchor points. To explain this to you in a simpler and clearer way: Unlike a raster image which has a well-defined size, the vector image can be enlarged indefinitely without losing its image quality. What a difference when it comes to your logo. – The matrix image : the latter is composed of a set of points called “Pixels” assembled with each other to form an image. With Logo Designs Service the naked eye, the pixels are not visible. On the other hand, if you enlarge this raster image several times. You will gradually see colored squares: these are the pixels. Sample raster image. These have sizes defined as 500 x 500 pixels for example. If you wish to enlarge this image, as the enlargement progresses. The pixels that make up the image will be more and more visible.

While retaining its image quality

Logo Designs Service

The vector image the latter is not made up of “pixels” but of lines of segments linked to each other thanks to a mathematical formula. The vector image uses a system of proportionality and coordinates to give an image. Which means that by magnifying this image several times, the visual Email Lists quality will remain the same because the mathematical formula will calculate in such a way as to keep the image sharp and of high quality. To sum up : – Vector images can be enlarged infinitely. – Raster images lose quality when enlarged. Are you looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES Which files used for vector formats? The files used when you want to vectorize your creation are the following.

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