Word of mouth will have its small effect and some will call on you directly. This method allows you to show your expertise, to prove your know-how and your seriousness. SEO natural referencing Natural referencing is the basis for a website. Being well referenced promotes your presence in Google search results. Your website and its content must contain relevant keywords that meet the expectations of your target customers. These keywords will help search engines understand the content of your website, so that it is well referenced. Urban communication The urban world is an active breeding ground and offers interesting and inexpensive communication possibilities. Do not hesitate to distribute leaflets summarizing your offers and services or talking about your company.

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Distribution of flyers, leaflets, deposit of business cards in strategic places and businesses are a good way to make your company known. Some even go further by drawing illustrations on the facades, like street artists. Be careful, however, that everything is in order at the risk of being sued. List your business on Google My Business This SEO method is very advantageous and totally free. Google My Business Photo Retouching offers you to reference and geolocate your company on Google Map and Smartphone. To do this, you just need to register on the Google My Business site . A validation code will be sent to you by post to verify and confirm that you are the owner of the company to be referenced. Concretely and for example, this will allow people typing “Naturopath in Bordeaux” to come across your contact details directly in the TOP 3 search results.

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Therefore, Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES Graphic designer blog Attend Events It is important that you are present at special events such as trade shows, conferences, gatherings, open houses, etc. This will allow you to acquire more contacts and attract new prospects. Your presence will also allow certain customers to discover you and discuss freely with you. Therefore, Events are real Email Lists opportunities to build a network by providing more detailed information about your business and your company. SMEs / SMIs, craftsmen, large companies, be present at events. Setting up a Blog Not requiring a gigantic budget, the blog is an effective and interesting way to promote your business. The advantage of the blog is that it brings a human dimension to your professional communication.

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