The generosity of the cat food manufacturer was, of course, more than repaid. When the company approached cat owners for a follow-up order (just before the sample ran out), sales conversion increased by hundreds of percent. Motivate to action As I mentioned earlier in this article, you can also use the reciprocity principle to motivate people New Zealand WhatsApp Number List to take a certain action. The following case quickly illustrates this. Everyone knows them: people who conduct surveys in the city on behalf of charitable organisations. Like me, you probably prefer to walk around such a group with a wide arc. A California insurance company thought this was an interesting phenomenon.

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So they had Cialdini and a colleague conduct a study on it. In that study, they had a first group of employees of the insurance company ask passers-by to fill in a questionnaire. The employees explicitly indicated that answering all questions would take 15 minutes. California is probably a friendly region, as a whopping 23% of passers-by completed the survey. A second group of employees was given a different assignment by Cialdini and his colleague. They also asked passers-by to complete the survey, but had to clearly indicate that answering the questions would take an hour.

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You understand: the passers-by did not cooperate. But when the employees immediately asked them if they wanted to fill in a questionnaire of ‘only’ fifteen minutes, 44% of the people agreed. The same request in a different guise thus yielded almost twice as many respondents. Concessions How can this be? This is easily explained by the reciprocity principle. In contrast to the first group, the second group of employees makes a concession. After their best offer (the one-hour questionnaire), they immediately make a ‘smaller’ offer to passers-by (the fifteen-minute questionnaire.

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