Something that has been its objective since the beginning . When multiple platforms appeared that expanded the professional features of Twitter. << So that your marketing team can carry out better Social Media planning . You can download our free guide here >> Before starting with the France phone number that this new application provides you . You have to know that you can only access it through or in the mobile version only available for the ios 9.0 operating system or rear . When accessing your account through this URL .

A menu will appear where you have to select what type of company you have and you can start using it. Twitter Dashboard . Tool to optimize the management of the social network What advantages and functions does Twitter Dashboard have? 1| Ease of connecting with your community Not only France phone number the mentions or the hashtag that you associate with your brand . But with this new utility you will be able to see tweets from your clients that do not mention you. How? Well . Very simple in the Home – About us tab you can customize based on the people or terms that you are interested in finding out.

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This is fantastic since you will be able to contact more qualified customers or leads that will generate real business opportunities . Building customer loyalty and improving your brand image. .Twitter Dashboard . Tool to optimize the management of the social network 2| Scheduling Tweets at the optimal time Something that has been demanded of Twitter for a long time and that other platforms have done for many years . Is the France phone number of establishing a publishing schedule. In the Create tab you will be able to program all the tweets that you want to publish in the account and these will be sent when the majority of your community is online in order to have many more views than usual .

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It should be noted that you can publish at the times you want since you can display the time you want it to be published if you prefer. Twitter Dashboard . Tool to optimize the management of the social network 3| Ideas for future Tweets Every time you go to write a tweet . With some important news that you want to generate traffic to the blog or the web . You will see that where you write the tweet . The tool gives you tips to be more France phone number in your publications and thus be more eye-catching. Than just a simple text . Thus allowing you to start conversations with your followers or even attract new ones.

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Activity Analytics Finally . Twitter has unified in this dashboard the statistical data of participation and engagement of your profiles. In the Analitycs tab you can check the activity that your publications are obtaining in terms of . Among others . Retweets . Mentions . New followers or times that your France phone number has been seen. Great contribution since if you do not get the results you wanted in any of the indicators . You can change them in short periods of time. Twitter Dashboard . Tool to optimize the management of the social networkas you have been able to read throughout this post: Twitter Dashboard .

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