Until the soldier disappeared, he went to the home of chief virologist Marco Van Ranst, active in Belgium’s response to Covid-19, and waited outside until he returned from work. But Dr. Van Ranst spent his first afternoon in 16 months and was already home. This was not the first time Mr. Conings had threatened Dr. Van Ranst, a well-known figure who was the government commissioner for the SARS epidemic in 2009. racism and xenophobia. After the soldier’s disappearance, the Belgian authorities placed Dr. Van Ranst and his family in a safe place. After discovering the body on Sunday, Dr. Van Ranst, in hiding on his 56th birthday, celebrated to the local news media that he hoped to “return to normal life soon.

Although He Said He Had Little Sympathy for

Mr. Conings joined the army for 18 years. However, after making racist comments Russia Phone Number and threats, he lost his credentials last year and was humiliated, the Belgian authorities said. Although the security services described the soldier as a “potentially dangerous extremist”, the Belgian defense minister said at a parliamentary hearing that Mr Conings had an access card to the ammunition depot after his humiliation. Belgium is linguistically and politically divided between the rich Dutch-speaking region of Flanders in the north and the poorer.

This Challenge Is Particularly Acute in

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French-speaking Wallonia in the south. Each has its own government and political landscape, and central politicians face pressure from the left and far right. This challenge is particularly acute in Flanders, where Mr Conings and Drs. Van Ranst, as well as the two right-wing parties. One of them, the Flemish ultranationalist, the anti-immigration party Vlaams Belang, has in recent years. After Mr. Coning’s disappearance, 45,000 people joined the Facebook group “Everyone united for Jürgen” until Facebook was blocked. Telegram, in an encrypted messaging app, exchanged solidarity messages with about 3,300 users in a group called “Like One Man for Jürgen.

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