The logo has been modernized without being totally transformed. The more fluid and airy lines, the new AUDI logo is more dynamic and elegant. This new appearance reflects a clear message for the brand’s customers and employees. His final rendering highlights the innovative and efficient side of his cars. This new logo was intended to further strengthen the link between the brand and consumers by highlighting the efficiency, loyalty and superiority of the Audi brand. This logo also symbolizes the strength and security of its models, but also protection and power. If we analyze the Audi logo a little closer, we can see that the four rings overlap in three dimensions.

Alliance that highlights the merger

The colors chosen for this logo are relatively dark and give the whole design a more defined, clean and shiny look. The “aluminum” color of the rings symbolizes the power, stability and reliable design of its models the efficient, sophisticated, safe and reliable side of its models and show consumers Illustrator Art Work the excellent quality of their products. In conclusion, the economic state of Germany after the war is catastrophic. This poor economic state does not allow the AUDI group to remain independent for very long. Choices must be made so as not to sink the famous brand. It was then that the production of its luxury vehicles resumed in 1965 after the takeover by the large Volkswagen group.

Logo criteria for video games

Illustrator Art Work

In this article we will see together what are the criteria for creating a good logo for a video game. It should be kept in mind that video games are a dynamic, attractive universe and are dedicated to entertainment. A video game logo should aim to be attractive and interactive. Often, the logos represent Email Lists the game. That is to say that we find the universe, the atmosphere, the style and the theme of the game through the logo. Let’s see together the criteria for creating a gaming logo. Even if we are talking here about a logo intended for the world of gaming, the basic criteria of. A logo also apply in this area.

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