Brought us machines capable of writing sonnets , programs with powerful visual processing algorithms , deep learning algorithms capable of detecting skin cancer as efficiently as a dermatologist , and we even saw how an AI created its own language , all this between warnings from all kinds of characters, including Elon Musk . In May, the presentation of Google Duplex – Google’s personal assistant – surprised us all. Google was able to develop an AI capable not only of synthesizing a human voice, but also of providing and obtaining information via telephone using natural language at all times.

We were clearly at a turning point, as it would not be long before the development of AI would make itself felt in the marketing realm. Chatbots are the first wave of the application of AI to digital marketing: they are fast, efficient and greatly speed up the most repetitive processes. There is still time for AI to gain more prominence. 4.- Voice search Although Google does not provide figures on the number of searches that are carried out with voice, we know that it is an upward trend. According to ComScore predictions , these will represent more than 50% of all searches in 2020.

The Mobile Advertising Forecast Study Predicted

This growth in voice search is due to France WhatsApp Number List . In natural language processing coupled with the commercial success of smart speakers. Like Google Home and Amazon Echo. The repercussions this has on marketing are diverse: instead of searching for keywords. Users use complex sentences and questions, they have shorter interactions. With the search engine since they only need to obtain a specific piece of information. And the most useful results are those closest to the search engine. To them, that is, they are searches of a local nature.

France WhatsApp Number List

This year we expected to see an even greater implementation of this technology. According to the BrightLocal Local Business Voice Search Study, this prediction did come true: 58% of US consumers used voice search to find information about local businesses in the past 12 months, especially smartphone users aged 18 to 34 years. It is highly probable that we will soon see similar figures in Latin American markets. 5.- Mobile Only More and more people do the bulk of their Internet browsing through mobile platforms, mainly smartphones.

Big Data Obtaining And Analyzing Large Volumes

That by the end of this year the penetration. Of mobile platforms would be 66%, and therefore, that marketing would have. To be increasingly optimized and directed at them. We are facing another prediction that was fulfilled. Not only did smartphones continue to gain ground. Also just a couple of weeks ago the first 5G antennas were installe in the United States, A technology that multiplies between 10 and 20 times the speed of 4G networks. We are still far from Mobile Only, but we are definitely entering a mobile-centric era. In which the greatest efforts should be directe at this market, without neglecting desktop platforms.

Of information has cease to be the exception. And has become the rule. The Big Data of six years ago is now just “Data”. On the other hand, the high technical demands of Big Data in the era. Of the Internet of Things -especially in terms of infrastructure- were a brake. On its massive implementation for commercial purposes. Although the technology already exists to process the immense volumes of information that are currently produced. It is still expensive and a revolution in information transmission technologies is needed. To be able to implement it efficiently.


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