La Cerradura. “It is a very exposed outcrop, free of vegetation, in which we located marine deposits from around 180 million years ago, corresponding to the westernmost part of the Paleocean Tethys and which were deposited during an oceanic anoxic event that took place in the Toarcian, in the Lower Jurassic ”, explains Matías Reolid. Anoxic events are a variety of weather changes that took place in the past. Specifically, in the stage studied, volcanic activity caused an increase in temperature and a rise in sea level, which caused the CO₂ content in the atmosphere to reach between 500 and 1000 ppm (parts per million). “The record obtained in the historical record since there is human presence on Earth is 400 ppm, and it was recorded last fall in the

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Mauna Loa station (Hawaii, USA),” he says. “With these values ​​of CO₂ in the atmosphere, we can deduce that there was a fairly accentuated greenhouse effect during the Toarcian and, therefore, South Africa Phone Number List the interest in studying this type of phenomenon lies in the comparison with the possible impact of climate change that is taking place. currently developing, “he says. The main cause of the high CO₂ concentration in the Toarcian is explained by the oxidation of the methane contained in the oceans. The increase in the planet’s temperature caused the “hydrated methane to be released from the marine sediments that passed into the atmosphere.” “Something similar happened with the permafrost , that is, the frozen layer of land under the ground, which was in

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the coldest regions. Organic matter was contained in this strip of ice which, when decomposing as a result of the melting of the frozen zone, emitted methane and CO₂ into the atmosphere ”, explains the UJA researcher. Specifically, in their research they addressed the isotopic composition and the carbon 12 and carbon 13 ratio of the deposits found. From these data, they determined the range of CO₂ values ​​at the atmospheric level thanks to the difference in composition between the isotopic values ​​in marine carbonate, in total organic matter and in the different types of fossil organic molecules from plants. “All this has allowed us to corroborate some of the effects that climate change produced, such as the extinction of many organisms, mainly in

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