Google Analytics will take care of the rest. Speed ​​of the (landing page) Everyone who is active on the internet expects a website that loads quickly. If that is not the case, then you are immediately behind 1-0. A slow site causes irritation. It is therefore Benin WhatsApp Number List certainly useful to pay attention to this. You can easily view a report in Google Analytics that gives you insight into the loading time of your pages. For this report, go to the ‘Behaviour’ section, open the ‘Site Speed’ section and choose overview. You immediately see the average loading time of all your pages together.

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By then choosing pages, you will see the average loading time per page, see the example below: First, you could tackle the pages that clearly have a higher load time than average. In terms of optimizations to influence the loading time, you can think of reducing the file size of your images. Or make sure that inline CSS is not used , but that all CSS is in a separate file. Another option is to try to limit the number of plugins (functionalities). Link between Google Analytics and Google Ads As indicated in the blog, you want to have all your necessary data in one system as much as possible.

Benin WhatsApp Number List

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You may already have Google Ads campaigns running (or are being run by an agency). If the goals are set in Google Analytics, you can see these conversions in Google Ads as soon as they are achieved. But you also want to see (without having to log in to Google Ads yourself) whether conversions are coming in from Google Ads. Which can. You can easily create a link between these two systems, so that you can immediately see the results of your campaign in Analytics. Attribution Does a certain channel lag significantly behind other channels in terms of conversion? That doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable conversion channel.

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