Orecisely the one that adapts 100% to the needs of your business. Try not to skimp on features that you do need, and don’t overspend on others that look very attractive but don’t really help you at all. 2- Stay away from SPAM Any message you send to a prospect that isn’t well suited to their needs and interests at their particular buying stage counts as SPAM and will only make you look bad. Not to mention sending messages to users who have not shared their contact information with you.

Metrics that don’t directly translate to sales can be considered vanity metrics. Perhaps you have a very high percentage of email openings and even an excellent rate of clicks to your landing page, but if you do not have conversions or orders, something is wrong in the process. Remember, the stats that matter the most and the ones you should aim for are the ones that can translate into more money. 4.- Do not get carried away by “hunches” A good marketing automation system gives you a lot of data and reliable information on which you can base all your decisions.

Do Not Base Your Decisions On Vanity Metrics

Taking actions simply based on China WhatsApp Number List means that you haven’t taken the time to analyze the results of the system. Remember that none of the pillars of digital marketing. Including automation – is an isolated system that works well on its own. And fed back with other actions that include relevant and quality content, SEO optimization. Social media, etc. 6.- Do not forget your captive customers. Automation will not only bring new customers to your doors, it should also help you retain. The ones you already have through a re-engagement and loyalty strategy.

China WhatsApp Number List

Manage your database in such a way that your captive customers always feel. That they are your priority. Do not think that the software will do everything for you No matter how sophisticated an automation system is. Even if it’s powered by machine learning, that doesn’t mean it can do it all by itself. A specialist with extensive knowledge in digital marketing. And data analysis behind the screen will always be necessary. Otherwise, it will be difficult. To get the maximum possible return on investment.

Do Not Forget The Quality Of The Content

That is not static and unique for everyone. But changes according to the information we have about the user and their behavior patterns. Using the vast amount of data left behind by a user’s digital footprint to deliver. The right message at the right time allows you to create a personalized experience. That speaks directly to their needs and expectations. Imagine, for example. That you have a clothing e-commerce. If you could predict which garment each visitor might. Like the most and show it to them first, you would dramatically increase. The chances that they will continue to browse your site and make a purchase.

Dynamic Content Examples. To get an idea of ​​how important dynamic content has become in marketing personalization. Let’s compare how five years ago it was a novelty for sites like Amazon. To be able to recommend products to their customers that fit their needs and buying trends. And how today the user already expects applications like Netflix or YouTube. To make lists of content perfectly aligned with their tastes. Examples of dynamic content are also remarketing ads on Facebook. Which show us offers and advertising that are directly related. To our most recent searches.




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