marine habitats (ocean beds, ports, marinas, aquaculture facilities, etc.) and trigger episodes of biological invasions with a high economic and ecological cost. . In marine ecosystems —especially vulnerable to the problem of biological invasions—, human activities related to the intense maritime traffic have facilitated the dispersal of invasive organisms in different parts of the planet. The colonial sea squirt Didemnum vexillum is an exotic species native to the Pacific Northwest that has been successfully dispersed in temperate waters around the world. A great competitor for natural resources, this dominant profile species has a high reproductive capacity, displaces native species and is easily dispersed through boats and aquaculture activities. Identified

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liquid substances present in the intracellular Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  Saudi Arabia Phone Number Listenvironment, the cytosol is the most abundant fluid; in eukaryotic cells it is found within the membrane, and is part of the cytoplasm. From the point of view of biological chemistry and medicine, the release of innovative drugs and molecular probes into the cell cytosol is a major challenge, since many of these compounds cannot be efficiently transported across membranes. cell phones and, therefore, never get to exert their therapeutic action (or not at all). In this context, a new work developed entirely in the CiQUS by the teams of professors Javier Montenegro and José Luis Mascareñas , now presents a solution in an article highlighted by the magazine ‘Chemical Science’, which has just chosen it as

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the cover of its latest number . In it, the researchers propose in response to this challenge a new strategy based on the design and synthesis of new peptide conjugates capable of trapping these types of molecules and offering them a safe transport until their subsequent release inside cells. “We have successfully applied this approach to different cell lines, demonstrating the robustness and versatility of the methodology,” says predoctoral researcher Héctor Fernández Caro , first author of the article , with satisfaction . For her part, postdoctoral researcher Irene Lostalé Seijo highlights that “we know that the transport mechanism into cells works, because it is identical to what we have been able to observe in the laboratory.” The high efficiency

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