Our message may reach a wider audience that is more likely to share or spread. So why do we use them in posts? Because it’s an easy way to find and follow conversations about topics. Brands. Events and promotions. It allows brands to increase the performance of social media advertising campaigns. User engagement and Cayman islands phone number with the brand can increase by up to 50%. What should I take into account to create the ideal Hashtag? Now that you know the importance of including a label in the different publications. It is time to start creating it. For that we give you 9 golden rules : It has to be easy to remember and unique Relevant to your campaign Balanced .

There must be an intermediate point between distinctive and simple that provokes the memory in your followers. Do not be tempted to create Cayman islands phone number tags like #travel that will be very difficult for you to track. Create a simple message . You need to create it from a precise message. It has to be short and consistent (avoid being abstract). If you accompany it with an image it will be perfect. And if there are several words. Use capital letters in each initial. Observe . Identify that audience that is influential and take a look at your followers in order to be inspired by new campaigns. Consider using your brand within the hashtag.

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Such as: #aprendeconservilia Check that the hashtag doesn’t mean something different. Don’t use a certain slang too much and check that they are not already in use. Especially in different contexts. If you have to correct something. Do it. It will prevent it from damaging your brand image. It must adapt to your entire strategy. Which can be Cayman islands phone number into all your digital communication actions. Monitor . Track your industry hashtags and see what your target audience follows and shares based on industry tags. Analyze how they interact with the competition so you can find out how they use it to influence or see how their customers react.

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Finally. If you find the right and natural way. Join the conversations with the hashtags of big events or trends in which you can contribute something. Finally. How does it work and do I adapt it to each social network? 1| Twitter Categorize the different topics Using hashtags in this social network provides 2 times more engagement than if Cayman islands phone number don’t use it. Tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags have 21% more interaction and if you use 3 or more. The engagement drops to 17%. It is better that you use few. Your results will be better. 2| Facebook When you add the hash # to a word. It automatically becomes a link. If we click on them a list of updates to this hashtag will appear (but only those that are public or have been shared with us).

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Facebook posts with hashtags perform better than those without. But beware! They are rarely used to categorize topics or build community. If you use too many. It can decrease the interactions. So the ideal is that you use between 1 and 2. 3| Instagram They provide visibility to our publication and serve as a search element for the Cayman islands phone number to find the desired photograph. You can use as many as you like. But the optimal number where you can get the most benefit is 10 tags in order to build your community. 4| pinterest Special case: Attention. It does not work like Twitter. If we click on a hashtag we can see both photos that include those hashtags and words that are not.

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