Is the ROI of your content marketing limited: because the excellent content too often lies somewhere in the daily expanding (digital) heap? because your content simply doesn’t seem to be relevant enough? because you have a limited content marketing budget, but still need to build a larger audience? Fortunately, there is a lifeline: far-reaching F.O.C.U.S. This can be one through niche marketing. The process of finding an serving small. But potentially Switzerland WhatsApp Number List profitable market segments within existing larger markets.Source image. Target a niche with relevant opportunities Andrew Davis, the internationally sought-after keynote speaker and bestselling author whom I saw excel on the podium of the Content Marketing & Web Editing Congress in 2014.

Then You Need Hard Figures To Prove

The more information sources available to the consumer, the more niche-focused content creators must become and the more successful they’ll be. In other words: within your existing competitive market, define a sharply delineated market segment that is not or very limited targeted by your competitors and mainstream providers, but where there are opportunities that are relevant to you. Also read ROI accelerator for content marketing: make it really important. A well-known variation of this vision is probably known by many as ‘Red Ocean.

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Figures To Prove

Blue Ocean’: Two variants for niche content marketing Niche-inspire. Content marketing can be roughly divide into 2 variants: Creating an engaged target group aroun. A relevant (non-mainstream) need, which you shape with a sophisticated content marketing strategy. An constantly feed it (see below under the Pickleball Channel case. Discovering gaps in the market in the necessary information provision to target groups in their customer journey. And releasing a proactive content marketing strategy on such a specific void.

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