In this Swift Tutorial blog, I will introduce you to some basic Swift concepts. But before I go any further, I’d like to introduce you to What is Swift and how you can install Swift on your system. So, let’s get started now !! In this Swift Tutorial blog, I will discuss the following topics: So, assuming you have an account on the Apple Developer website, you just have to go to Download for Apple Developers. Once you go to the link, select the latest available version of Xcode and download it by clicking the link next to the image of the Albania Phone Number List drive. After downloading the dmg file, you can install it with just a double click. So now that your playground is ready, let’s start with the coding! So let’s start with the basic syntax and then write the “good world” program. Good world! Now that you’ve written your first program, let’s understand more about variables and data types.


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Projects and quickly track your career Quick Tutorial: Variables, Data Types, and Type Transfer Variables Variables are nothing but reserved memory to Albania Phone Number store values. This means that when you create a variable, you leave some space in memory. Like any other programming language, Swift provides integrated data types, which you can specify in the following table: You do not have to define a data type when declaring a variable in Swift. Suppose you declare the variable var b = ‘Hello’ , then Albania Phone Number List Swift will automatically understand that b is a String -type variable based on the input you provide. Type casting Now you can even change types or write. For example, you can convert an integer value to a variable and vice versa. Fig. 2


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Lesson I’m not going to delve into the guys right now, but let me show you some simple Swift operations. Consider the following example: Okay !! Now that you guys know the key operators, let’s start with the conditional statements. Quick lesson: Conditional statements Conditional statements are use. To satisfy a statement or group of statements when a condition is met. There are three conditional statements – If -If-Yet and Toggle Statements. So, let’s start with the If statement now. If the Albania Phone Number List statement An If statement can be either. A simple if statement or an if statement. Thus, a simple If statement is the simplest decision-making statement that decides whether a particular statement or block of statements will be satisfied or not.

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