into practice. Previous studies show negative associations between birth weight and environmental exposure to air pollution, temperature, lack of green spaces, or living in neighborhoods with unfavorable circumstances. In general, these studies have evaluated either individual exposures, or the exposures of isolated families, Human Early Life Exposome (HELIX) is one of the first large-scale exposome projects, and includes three cohorts from INMA, in Guipúzcoa, Sabadell, and Valencia. Its objective is to describe the exposure that exists during the beginning of life in multiple environmental factors and to find an association with the health of children. As part of the HELIX project, a study investigated the association between the urban exposome,

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lower trophic, that is, in the abundance of prey species Micronesia Email List such as rabbit and partridge. After the reintroduction of the Iberian lynx in the Matachel Valley (Badajoz) there was a reduction in the abundance of foxes and mongoose of approximately 80%. In the study area, the establishment of a territorial male and female and their offspring led to the disappearance of 19 foxes, 11 mongoose, 3 marten and 1 feral cat in the second year after reintroduction. “This change in the carnivore community was linked to the recovery of the rabbit and the red partridge in the areas occupied by the lynx. The reduction in rabbit consumption by the entire carnivore community was estimated at 55.6% ”, the study highlights. “These investigations show a positive impact of

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reintroductions, not only on the conservation status of the lynx, but also on the restoration of its ecological functionality,” adds Jiménez. It also highlights how “it supports the social acceptance of the reintroductions of the Iberian lynx, which is essential for their future.” The next Meat Forum, to be held on November 6 in the Auditorium of the Girona Conference Center and co-organized by Interempresas and IRTA, will focus its theme on these alternatives to traditional meat. The meat sector has been observing, not without some concern, how consumers demand substitute products for meat of animal origin based on environmental, animal welfare or health concepts. These demands have been taken up by the food industry itself or has allowed

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