Ivia has lively eyes, she seems unable to stay still in her chair waiting for the journalist to start the interview. She is just over eighty years old and she finds herself in the spotlight of the TV program “70 years from Nazism: not to forget”, not by chance. She is there to talk about her association in defense of human rights. La di lei is a story of pain and salvation at the same time: she of her whole family was the only one to save herself from deportation. What most intrigues about her character is the object she holds in her hands: a faded colored ball of rag.

The Journalist Then Explains

It seems that Livia and that object are one and the same. And when the reporter asks her Senegal Phone Number in a gentle tone what it means to her, she replies in a voice full of pain: “It was a gift my mother gave me during the war with the intent, I think, to make me weigh less. hell we lived through every day. Unfortunately, only I was able to save myself. None of my family members returned. That ball was my only certainty at the time. He accompanied me from the journey of despair to that of salvation.

Purchased Online at the Price of

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Senegal Phone Number List

The journalist then explains that that rag ball could have been purchased online at the price of 50 euros and that the proceeds would have been donated to the association founded by Livia in defense of human rights for all the persecuted of yesterday and today.It is the same hypothesis that two researchers, Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn started from for their socio-anthropological experiment  . The two researchers bought various items from second-hand dealers and individuals at very low prices. The next step was to hire some writers to write stories about these items and then resold them on ebay.

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