This is where Statrys comes into play. The service offers all-human support, and ease of use is its biggest selling point. But beyond that, they offer a set of international business features that shouldn’t be overlooke. Statrys offers an attractive selection of global e-commerce sellers headquartere in Hong Kong, Singapore and the British Virgin Islands with multi-currency accounts, multi-language support and e-commerce integrations.

With that in mind, this Statrys review covers everything you need to know about their business account to help you decide Armenia WhatsApp Number List  whether this financial institution is the right choice for your company.

Let’s dive in!

Statrys Review: What is Statrys?

Founde in 2018, Statrys is a young company whose sole goal is to make it easier for small businesses to manage digital payments.

While popular in Hong Kong, that doesn’t rule out Statrys having a global impact. Many of their services are Armenia WhatsApp Number List geare towards international business; they even have bases in Bangkok, Thailand and London, UK.

Enterprise Customers of Statrys: Features and Services

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Business accounts are the astral ‘ bread and butter, and where its features shine the most. To open an account. Armenia WhatsApp Number List you must apply online. Which takes about ten minutes to fill in the information. The team will then review your application and in most cases your account will be opene within a week.

There is no minimum deposit or maximum transaction amount – so no matter the size or business, you can use Startrys.

That said, here are some of Statrys’ best-known business account features:

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