The question is, of course, how do you turn a group into a team? The image shows the difference between a strong and weak team. Source: The Pyramid of Lencioni. Lencioni’s Pyramid provides insight into the quality of collaboration in teams. Trust is the basis of a strong team. I agree with him that this is a good starting point, because without trust you will Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List not get anywhere. Do you want to support a weak team in growing to a strong team? Then try to find out where the team is, writes Jirtsin. You can use three simple questions for this. What is going very well in your work at the moment, what are you proud.

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What could be improved or would you like to change? What are you worried about? The extent to which the answers to these questions can be discussed openly, honestly and in a relaxed manner provides an initial insight into which phase the team is in. For example, discussing what could be improved. Are matters actually discussed openly and honestly or is everyone keeping quiet, which could indicate a lack of trust? My experience is that it works to discuss what you are experiencing. For example: “I feel a certain tension now that we are discussing.

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This has ensured that I did not listen to the ‘demands of the management’, but to the team. I have not limited myself to prescribed goals, but have gone far beyond. That was valuable for the team, for the organization and even more for myself. More important than setting a framework is to coach someone in this journey of discovery. Someone who is coaching a colleague. Agile organizing Even if you work together on the basis of self-organisation, you need leadership. Just not the traditional leadership that most people are used to. In an agile organization new leadership is required, namely connecting, facilitating, transparent and flexible leadership.

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