Therefore, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are drastically changing the digital marketing we are used to. Do you want to know how to take advantage of these new technologies in your business? 26 August, 2019Uploaded by Assul2Posted in Marketing Automationviewed 1125 times 10 Ways Machine Learning is Changing Market Challenges and Opportunities Most of us are already familiar with terms like automation, multi-channel campaigns, personalized, dynamic or contextual content, sales enablement, chatbots, etc.

Thousands of companies use these technologies daily to reach more and better customers and sometimes it seems that we have reach the pinnacle of digital marketing possibilities. Therefore, But just when we are getting use to these new strategies, Machine Learning technology comes to show us that all of them can be taken several steps further, become infinitely more sophisticated and be substantially more efficient in terms of sales and return on investment. According to the 2018 retail report from the research institute Capgemini : In 2018, 84% of marketing companies began investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To Sample A Couple Of Hard Data Are Enough

75% of companies using Artificial Cambodia WhatsApp Number List . And Machine Learning technology are improving customer satisfaction. And sales of new products and services by more than 10%. In today’s article we are going to explore 10 particular ways in which Machine. Learning is giving a twist to the usual strategies of Digital Marketing. Machine Learning allows to optimize the user experience (UX) to the maximum. According to data from the company Forrester. Therefore, 57% of digital marketing executives believe that the main advantage of Machine. Learning and Artificial Intelligence lies in its ability. To improve customer experience , service and support.

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In fact, the marketing industry is already using these technologies. To predict the expectations of each user, adapt. To what they need and gain a very significant advantage over the competition. Therefore, Solves many of the problems of content personalization. Thanks to Machine Learning, it is possible to offer the user increasingly personalize content. Not only because a large amount of data can be analyze, but also. Because Artificial Intelligence can make very accurate predictions. About the type of recommendations that must be offer. To the public to increase response rate and perceive value.

Increase The Accuracy And Reach Of Personalized

Contextual advertising According to a 2017 IDC report , by 2020 personalized advertising in real time and multichannel will be an applied reality. Therefore, A few months before the date of your forecast, we can see how, in effect, more and more marketing companies are focusing on creating and making available to their clients technologies that allow them to display automated ads to the right user, at the right time and with accurate content and images.

Predicts the risk of abandonment and decreases customer cancellation rates Instead of continuing to rely on costly approaches and statistical strategies to reduce the rate of customer churn, telecommunications and services companies are beginning to resort to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence risk and intervention models, which allow them to detect the exact point in which additional retention and loyalty measures must be taken with each client.


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