You will be surprised to know that only 18% of marketing managers use the retention rate to measure the success of their strategies, but just as there is a customer journey that goes from awareness to purchase, there is also one from purchase to purchase. loyalty, and in the same way it is important to know, map and analyze it to know how and when to continue being present with your captive customers through loyalty programs . As you have probably already noticed, mapping the Customer Journey is not only not an easy job, it also involves the active participation of various areas in your company.

To integrate data and implement improvements in all channels and points of contact with the customer. Luckily, there are professional tools that can help you a lot with this process, like the one we offer you at Xarvis, the Customer Behavior Company . We are an agency specialized in the recognition and analysis of the patterns of your clients. Come to us and discover everything you can grow with a smarter investment in Marketing. Are you going to implement a marketing automation strategy in your business? Follow these eight critical steps to maximize your return on investment from the start.

Implement Marketing Automation

September 10, 2019Uploaded by Brazil WhatsApp Number List in Marketing. AutomationViewed 574 times Implement Marketing Automation. 8 steps to guarantee the success of your strategy For any growing business. There comes a time when it becomes clear that the traditional marketing strategy. Cannot keep up with rapid growth without the use of automated processes. Automation, in this sense, is not a luxury or an optional feature, but an essential tool today. As it allows you to save and optimize through the intelligent integration of your sales processes. Your promotion channels, management and analysis of data etc.

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In fact, statistics show that top performing companies are 79% more likely. To have permanently integrated automation strategies. Into their marketing channels, especially those related to email marketing and CRM. If you have in mind to implement marketing automation in your business to achieve your business objectives faster, it is necessary that you consider these eight key steps from the beginning, which are aimed at strengthening the foundations of your process and ensuring adequate synergy in the future.

Thoroughly Analyze Your Sales Process Contrary

To what you might think, the first step to successful automation is not about starting to look for software or CRM providers, but about reviewing the structure of your sales process in detail. Many companies have managed to spend months or even years operating in the market, without being perfectly clear about things as important as the Buyer person or persons, the different paths that the Buyer’s journey can take and, above all, how it behaves the sales funnel that goes from prospects to captive customers.

Explore your current situation before implementing new tools Before you start looking at options, it’s best that you also spend a little time thoroughly analyzing where your company really stands in terms of marketing strategy. What type of digital advertising are you covering? How is your website performing in terms of visits and leads? How do you integrate all the information you have about your prospects? Do you communicate with them? Surely, you will realize that your current marketing strategy is like a puzzle with several pieces missing.


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