Do you think automation and content creation in digital marketing are not compatible? Then you are losing a great opportunity to optimize time and resources . 24 September, 2019Uploaded by Assul2Posted in Marketing AutomationViewed 938 times 7 ideas to automate your content marketing strategy One of the most complex parts of any digital marketing strategy is content creation, because producing quality content that adapts to customer searches and needs is not easy: the human touch of experience and empathy with the user is essential.

So does that mean that content is one of the pillars of digital marketing that cannot be automated? Yes and no. Content marketing automation is nothing more than the technique of identifying and automating all the actions of planning, creating and analyzing content that are repetitive and programmable, so that a software takes care of them and a member of the team does not have to waste time with them. our team. What are the advantages of applying automation techniques for content? Automation improves the effectiveness of the entire content marketing strategy.

Identify Everything That Can Be Automated

Automate workflows allow for better Benin WhatsApp Number List distribution. Automation allows you to optimize the result of paid content advertising. With the help of automation we can know the real results of each content in terms of traffic. Conversions, leads, etc. 7 Tips for Leveraging Automation in Content Creation Here are seven automation ideas that will be of immense use. To all digital content managers and creators. For example, in terms of planning. If you carry out a survey month after month to check what type of content your competition is creating. With the same key terms that you want to position.

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You can simply use the Google Alerts tool. And receive automatic notifications every that the search engine indexes content. That matches the keywords you programmed. It sounds like. A very simple action, but it can save you a lot of time searching for content. You can also automate some content creation actions, for example, templates. That the system can customize as much as possible according to the available data about the user. Even programming dynamic content .

Create Workflows Managing Your Content

Finally, marketing automation software can generally help you when it comes to analyzing the results of your content. What is working better and how the strategy can be improve month after month are functionalities that are within the reach of a few clicks thanks to automation. With workflows and automation allows you to greatly simplify the entire creation and distribution process for your team. First of all, good software gives you the possibility of automating the distribution and publication of your content on different channels, according to pre-establish parameters and your editorial calendar.

Thus, your collaborators in charge only have to worry about creating the best content, and the tool takes care of making it reach the correct audience in a timely manner according to the stage of the purchase process. 3.- Automate the distribution of your content on networks Most automation tools can also be programmed so that the content you create on your blog or your corporate YouTube channel, for example, is share on social networks base on criteria such as the best time and time of the week to attract more traffic.

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