Implementing marketing automation in a company is not a guarantee of success if it is not done well. Follow these 5 golden rules to ensure that your investment of time and resources will deliver the expected results. June 11, 2019Uploaded by Miguel Angel Narvaez CamachoPosted in Marketing AutomationViewed 734 times 5 golden rules of automated marketing Today, meeting customer expectations is complicated: users perform increasingly demanding information searches and comparisons before making a purchase, and they expect nothing less from companies and brands than 100% personalized and optimal service.

At every stage of the buying process. If you want your company to remain competitive in the digital environment, resorting to marketing automation is not optional. It is the most sophisticated, efficient and direct tool that companies have today to be able to reach their ideal prospects, predict their behavior and offer them exactly what they are looking for. However, we have not reached the point where a machine can do absolutely everything for us. Behind any good automation and machine learning strategy, there is a team of experts making conscientious decisions and analyzing in detail the data produced by the system.

Let Data Analysis Guide

Today we will review five golden El Salvador WhatsApp Number List or tips so. That your investment in marketing technologies reaches its maximum benefit. Your decisions Hunches are sometimes lucky and accurate. Data analysis always is. One of the big mistakes of companies that resort to marketing automation is. Implementing strategies that are not strictly based on data and objective information. In fact, the clearest trend of the most successful companies in their digital. Strategies is data-driven marketing (or data-based marketing).

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Data analysis allows obtaining very specific purchase profiles. Better segmenting and targeting audiences. Better anticipating the customer journey and offering personalized experiences in real time. In other words, any marketing automation strategy has to start with a deep analysis. Of the purchasing behavior in the digital universe of prospects. And this not only applies. To automation, but to all the pillars of digital marketing, such as content creation. And the use of social media. Another fairly common mistake made by companies that adopt marketing automation is to use it only for some of the stages of the sales funnel and not for all of them.

Automate The Entire Sales Funnel

For this tool to work, it is important to put it at the service of each step along the path of the purchase process . Customer Acquisition : This involves data analysis to implement a multi-channel strategy capable of generating a large number of quality leads, substantially increasing the market and prospect base, as well as drastically reducing acquisition costs. Make profitable, maximize and retain: Automation focuses on increasing conversion levels and customer lifetime value (LTV). This is achieved by identifying the different types of clients of the company and creating personalized strategies for each one of them.





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