Nothing more detrimental to a business than losing customers ready to buy just because product availability ran out. Automate a message to users interested in a product you no longer have, letting them know when they might receive it and giving them some additional benefit for waiting. We know, no one likes returns, but you have a much better chance of keeping a customer who didn’t like the product but was able to return it and get their money back without too much trouble, one who found the return process a hassle. bothersome headache.

So that it is not a headache for you either, try to automate the steps of your return system as much as possible, and program a specific lead nurturing strategy to motivate that sector of dissatisfied customers to give you a second chance. Identify your high seasons and prepare your audience with marketing automation First of all, you must be clear about the high seasons for your business, because they are not the same for everyone. Christmas, Good End , seasonal changes, special dates, holidays and even profit sharing in your country are possible windows of opportunity.

Anticipate And Inform Starting Your High Season Campaign

Remember that sometimes the high Australia WhatsApp Number List  responds. To emotional impulses, as in the case of Christmas or Valentine’s Day. When people are usually looking to give gifts and generate positive experiences with their loved ones. On the other hand, there are high seasons. That respond to the need to invest income rationally, such as when people receive their Christmas bonus. Tune the discourse of your campaigns depending on the main purchase motivation. Right when it starts is a big mistake. It is necessary. That you prepare your audience and make them aware of the type of offers. And benefits that will begin to run from a certain date. So that when the time comes they already know directly where to buy.

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Do not forget to project a certain sense of exclusivity. That is, indicate that these are special offers that are only available. To a small group of pre-selected users and for a limited time. This is also a great way to keep retaining your captive customers. Compare yourself with the competition. Peak seasons are synonymous with increased sales, but also fierce competition. To it’s easy to fall behind businesses with better marketing strategies. Buyers today compare up to five different options before deciding on a product or service, but if you make those comparisons for them, in a transparent and honest way, you will be earning a lot of trust points.

Project Exclusivity And Urgency

Virtuous sales cycles with marketing automation Finally, consider that omnichannel strategies are the icing on the cake so that your return on investment in high season is spectacular. 8.- Collect leads and optimize all your points of contact with the client You can communicate with your customers through your website, your email, your physical points of sale, your Apps, instant messaging, and much more. Making these communication points shoppable means that the customer can easily make a purchase from any of them.

Omnichannel marketing automation helps you turn all your customer touch points into points of sale that work in synergy with each other. 9.- Do upselling and cross-selling Upselling means giving the option to add some additional benefit to their order (usually at a preferential cost) to a customer who has already completed the purchase, for example, an extended warranty. Cross-selling, on the other hand, is offering the user items related to their purchase. For example, if she just bought a winter sweater from your e-commerce store, you can offer her 50% off wool socks with that purchase.


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