the European Union that ensures the integrity of the protocols Welfare Quality established between 2004 and 2009 by more than 40entists who are experts in animal welfare and sociologists who are experts in studies of consumer habits and behavior ”. On the part of NEIKER, Inma Estevez, a researcher specialized in animal welfare, points out that “this certification is also based on the experience and knowledge of the NEIKER team in the field of applied ethology and animal welfare. Among them, the European AWIN project stands out, in which we play a decisive role in developing protocols for the evaluation of welfare in sheep and turkeys. The fruit of our knowledge is also the development of the first applications for mobile devices worldwide for the

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evaluation of animal welfare on the farm. These tools also allow in situ and immediate analysis of the data, so that the farmer knows the results of the evaluation “. How to get the Switzerland Phone Number List WELFAIRTM certificate Cattlemen and women who want to become certified will need to undergo an audit by an independent certification company. This certification company must have its auditors trained as established by the Welfare Quality Network or AWIN, and will be supervised by IRTA to guarantee the correct application of the evaluation protocols. Where to find the products with the seal Products bearing the WelfairTM seal can be found in food outlets, both specialized stores and markets, as well as distribution chains. The award of the seal is made to the various certified

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products, not to the establishment in general. ON IRTA ‘s IRTA is a research institute dedicated to R + D + i agroalimentaria in the fields of plant production, animal production, food industries, environment and global change, and food economics. The transfer of its scientific advances contributes to the modernization, competitiveness and sustainable development of the agricultural, food and aquaculture sectors, to the provision of healthy and quality food for consumers and to the improvement of the well-being of the population. IRTA is attached to the Department of Agriculture, Branch, Fisheries and Food (DARP) of the Generalitat de Catalunya. understand the alternation of crops, a phenomenon that affects a large number of the most sought-

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