Have you noticed that interaction with your customers has plummeted on the social network Facebook? There are changes that will surely be of interest to you to optimize the profiles on Social Networks and be able to improve these failures in time. In this post we are going to give you 11 tips to Usa phone number Facebook page engagement. Download here our ebook to attract customers on Facebook 1| Throw questions and polls at your followers: Throwing questions at the potential customer helps boost engagement. The public likes to be involved and that you take their opinions into consideration and also .

You can better understand their interests and needs. There is a wide variety of questions that you can launch . It is possible to talk in different ways . About specific topics . Advice . Events or ask for opinions about events in real time. On the other hand . It is feasible to launch surveys or USA phone number that create a more serious and more motivating engagement for the recipient. These focus on the evolution of relevant topics and debates. This type of content drives participation and more if it generates personalized results that can be shared.

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Try to involve your community in some decisions about products . Events . Etc. 2| Spread messages at the best time: There is a prime time on Facebook . We know consumer behavior and we must adapt our strategy to those times when our most interesting audience is inside. You can evaluate the Usa phone number with your posts to analyze the times of your community on your page . Do not try to post randomly because you risk losing it. Remember that the messages have to be measured . It is not good to make many messages in a row because it collapses and loses interest. On the other hand .

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If a small number of messages are sent . Relevance is not established. The content and quality of the messages is also very important . Since more people are involved and it has a greater organic reach. It is very easy to know the schedule of your users . From the internal configuration it is Usa phone number in the Insights area and then in the menu on the left . In messages. 3| Content curation: It is not necessary that totally new content be publish every day . Search your information sources . Even among content that worked for you on other occasions and re-edit it with a new format . A new perspective and adding your current point of view.

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If you try to find information relevant to your audience . You can activate your audience and also get it to reach more users. 4| Share news and current issues in your sector : Show customers that we not only work for and for the business . It gives a positive view of interest . Keeping them Usa phone number of current events is. Working with a hashtag makes the post more relevant and helps increase visibility in social search. Generate conversation about current issues and in which you can contribute your professional opinion.

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