than the original forests from which they come. In addition, the benefits they provide at an environmental level make them considered as systems of high natural value. “Although sometimes they are not taken into sufficient consideration, the pastures fulfill important functions, among which the protection of the soil, the mitigation of microclimates, the sequestration of carbon, recreational functions and even the maintenance of the aesthetic values ​​of the landscape stand out. and many others with which they contribute to the maintenance of fauna and flora, but also to human well-being ”, explains Ramón Perea, another of the researchers and professor at the UPM who participated in the study. Photo: UPM Achieving balance, the key to maintaining the

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ecosystem However, for their conservation, the Iberian pastures require livestock activity, since cattle or large wild herbivores such as deer are responsible for maintaining and perpetuating the diversity of herbaceous Malta Phone Number List species through grazing. Hence the importance that the introduction of protected species, such as the white stork, does not alter the balance of vegetation that characterizes these ecosystems. The results of the analysis carried out at the ETSI de Montes and in which the Community of Madrid has also participated, shows that in the areas projected under the tree canopies that supported a stork’s nest there was a reduction in some provisioning ecosystem services (forage quality) and support (nutrient cycle and biodiversity), as explained

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by Sonia Roig, also a researcher and professor at the UPM. “We found an increase in soil nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and sodium) and in grass production. A reduction in legume production and plant diversity was also observed, and therefore a reduction in the quality of herbaceous pasture in those areas. What’s more, And it is that, although the protection of species favors their conservation and persistence; Competition for natural resources can sometimes cause a conflict between various human interests, including wildlife management, leading to negative impacts on both human well-being and wildlife conservation. “At the social level, this means that a balance must be established between certain protectionist policies and the use,

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