The title ‘psychologist’ is therefore also comprehensive. But one thing all psychologists have in common: they analyze behavior. Psychologists try to find out what the behavior is and in particular why this is the behaviour. Only when we know Oman WhatsApp Number List what the behavior is and why someone exhibits this behavior can we investigate how we can change it. But how do you best work? In this article I share a step-by-step plan. 1. Measure the behavior on your website As a behavioral psychologist working in the digital field, I have a major advantage: behavior has never been so measurable.

Them With The Right Approach

Make sure that the measurements on your website are correct. As a behavioral researcher it is important to be able to see in as much detail as possible what visitors do on your website. Set measurements for all possible links, buttons, and so on. And make sure your measurements are correct. This way you can find out which choices your visitors make (and have to make) to achieve their goal. And you learn where they get stuck. 2. Analyze as many explanations for the behavior as possible If you know what the behavior is, you can investigate why this is the behavior.

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The Right Approach

Compare multiple segments to compare decision-making processes in different contexts. The best advice I can give here is to hire an academically trained psychologist who has experience analyzing behavior. Get started yourself You can also get started on your own and learn more about behavioral analytics little by little. In that case, start from the realization that behavior is extremely complex, and that a multitude of variables influence the behaviour. This prevents you from making assumptions too quickly and falling into the trap of your own confirmation bias .

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