Slow charge The speed with which the page loads is essential . Since users tend to abandon websites if they do not load within 5 seconds. That is why you have to optimize your landing page. Also . If you want you can take advantage of the opportunity and request a free marketing evaluation . How will it help you? With this evaluation . You will be able to find out what the strengths of your company are . As well as the Saudi arabia phone number that need to be corrected. These recommendations will help you increase the number of conversions on your landing pages. Now that you know what mistakes you may have been making . Hurry up to change it. Linkedin . The social network for professionals .

Already has more than 700 million users worldwide and some 14 million in Spain alone . Of which 40% access the social network daily . Where a large part of those users they are business decision makers and since its launch in 2003 to the present . After its purchase by Microsoft for 23 .260 million euros . It has not stopped growing and innovating. Currently . In addition to the number of active users on the Saudi arabia phone number network . It has more than 30 million company pages . Where professionals from different sectors can find out about the news of a specific brand. However . It will have happened to you that as an active marketing professional looking for companies or people that interest you .

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You have found profiles that were not completed or directly did not have a profile picture and you will have gotten a bad image. We are almost sure that as a good professional you have tried to optimize your profile to the maximum . But perhaps today you will discover some advice that will Saudi arabia phone number you continue to be a role model on social networks. For this reason . As we care about your online reputation . We have selected the 10 most common mistakes on your linkedin profile that you should avoid so that users do not get a bad image of you: If you want to know more you can download our free guide: Creating the perfect linkedin page for large companies.

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Index of the 10 most common mistakes on linkedin: 1. Not having a profile photo 2. Not completing your profile 100% 3. Not being part of groups that interest you 4. Not being honest in your description 5. Not asking for recommendations 6. Not customizing your URL 7. Leave no trace which Saudi arabia phone number you browse 8. Not setting your profile public 9. Not checking activity notifications. 10. Do not link activity on Twitter 1. Not having a profile picture Users of this social network who have a profile picture are 7 times more likely to receive visits than those who do not. But it is not enough to have just any profile photo . No . Your profile photo must be current and professional .

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That is . You cannot put a photo with your partner or of a dinner night with friends. But apart from this data . It is important that you have a profile photo because there will be people who want to contact you and may think that it is a false profile or that it is so old that you do not use it. 2. Not completing Saudi arabia phone number profile 100% There are users who have not completed or updated their profile . And according to certain analyses . This fact will cause you to get fewer visits from potential new professional and strategic contacts . Since users who have a complete profile get 40% more visits than On the contrary . They do not have it complete. Take care of your writing .

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