Customers are used to having the freedom to choose from multiple alternatives. Be it between different providers, different products or different communication channels. In a market with more providers, that freedom of choice increases. f only one or a few players are active. Then the freedom of choice is naturally limited. Such as in Nepal WhatsApp Number List public transport or healthcare in the Netherlands. 275 customers were asked about their views on the organisation’s freedom of choice. In the perception of customers at that time, freedom of choice mainly focused on freedom of choice in the communication channels.

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Most customers feel that this freedom of choice is under pressure and. Justice The fourth building block for a sustainable customer relationship is fairness. Our society is becoming more and more transparent. This is partly due to the rise of the internet and social media. This makes it easier and faster for consumers to share their experiences with organizations. In a transparent society, justice is becoming increasingly important: Justice is also becoming increasingly important in such a society.

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customers who are equal also want to be treate in the same way. Social justice, distributive skill and procedural skill. Social justice Social justice means equal monks, equal hoods. If my neighbor gets a 15% discount, I don’t think it’s fair if I don’t get that discount. Whether or not I did the same for it. Social justice is a fairly abstract concept, which makes it difficult to give an unambiguous definition. There are also situations where we feel that the proceeds should be distribute according to the performance someone has made.

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