75 complete genomes of chimpanzees and bonobos sequenced at the CRG-CNAG, span up to ten African countries, from the westernmost to the easternmost regions. Many of the samples have been obtained with the help of the Barcelona Zoo primatologist. The results have an immediate application to the conservation of these species since they allow detecting the origin of samples from illegal traffic. “Many chimpanzees are victims of illegal trafficking every year. Our data reveal a close link between geography and genetic diversity, which means that when a chimpanzee is, for example, detained in customs, a DNA sample can help us to reveal its geographical origin and in this way we can return the individuals confiscated from their country of origin ”, says Christina Hvilsom , researcher at Copenhagen Zoo.

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Researchers have also been able to observe Chad Email List that chimpanzees in central and eastern Africa share more genetic material with bonobos than other chimpanzee populations. It is then believed that the crossing between bonobos and chimpanzees occurred in two different episodes: one half a million years ago and another, more recently, 200,000 years ago. “This study has revealed the mixing history of the genus Pan , which has turned out to be very similar to that of the genus Homo , perhaps suggesting that gene flow could have been generalized during the evolution of both the great apes and the great apes. of hominids ”, says Tomàs Marquès-Bonet, leader of the IBE and CNAG-CRG Comparative Genomics Laboratory . If we compare them with what we know about the origins and history of human beings, our knowledge about the existing species closest to us is very scarce,

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and since many of the predictions suggest the disappearance of all the great apes during the 21st century, we need to put all our efforts to understand them before they disappear. Eight countries and 16 international institutions participated in the study, signed by students Marc de Manuel , Martin Kuhlwilm and Peter Frandsen , as well as other UPF and CRG-CNAG researchers such as Ferran Casals, Arcadi Navarro and Ivo Gut . Images: Cimpanzés of the Ngogo Chimpanzee Project (Uganda) – Kevin Kevin Langergraber Reference work: Marc de Manuel, Martin Kuhlwilm, Peter Frandsen, Vitor C. Sousa, Tariq Desai, Javier Prado-Martinez, Jessica Hernandez-Rodriguez, Isabelle Dupanloup, Oscar Lao, Pille Hallast, Joshua M. Schmidt, José María Heredia- Genestar, Andrea Benazzo, Guido Barbujani, Benjamin M. Peter, Lukas FK Kuderna, Ferran Casals, Samuel Angedakin,

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